In retail, every transaction is an opportunity. An opportunity to make an impression. An opportunity to build revenue and turn product into profit.

At least that’s how we used to look at it.

The truth is, every transaction is also an opportunity to learn.

About your customers. About how they shop, what they buy and why.

And in today’s changing retail landscape understanding why the sale happened, is as important as making the sale itself. So… how do you capture those rich, in-the-moment transactional insights? Here’s a hint: it’s not a survey.

Fully automated, with two independent camera tracking systems, PopCom’s new Smart Kiosk learns as it sells… autonomously tracking age, gender and even subtle emotional cues, for every transaction.

Captured in real time, this data helps our clients understand consumer intent on a much deeper level — yielding stronger insights that lead to better products, and more relevant consumer experiences.

And PopCom’s Smart Kiosk isn’t just programmed to learn… it’s programmed to act. Each Kiosk can fine-tune its messaging, seamlessly responding to consumers’ emotional feedback. For instance, if a consumer appears confused, the kiosk will note these moments and provide analytics to the brand to suggest product changes in display, marketing language and pricing. Combining the demographics of the consumer with the intent analytics of PopCom’s white labeled technology platform creates a powerful, data rich, learning experience. This solution is applicable to a wide array of client needs and retail applications.

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